April 13, 2014

PolyBilt President Daniel Owen checked out the 2015 Florida Tow Show over the weekend. This trade show seems to be maintaining its popularity with nearly 200 exhibitors and steady foot traffic. It’s also a special place for us because we debuted our heavy-duty tow truck body here five years ago.

Our friends at ROM Corporation displayed a small-sized sample of the PolyBilt tow body featuring ROM roll-up doors. (Yay ROM!) It’s always fun to see show visitors do a double-take and ask, “The body’s made out of what?” THERMOPLASTIC material. Then there’s the curious head tilt as booth visitors contemplate longevity. When you don’t have to worry about corrosion or the impact of weather, it gets minds grinding. And that’s when most folks start tapping their knuckles on the body—the equivalent of kicking tires on a new car. “Can THIS material be superior to steel and aluminum?” they’re thinking. Why yes. Yes it is! And we smile while the possibilities sink in.

The trade show season is in full swing and we’re grateful to our industry partners at ROM for helping curious visitors ponder innovation in tow truck bodies.

Check out other fine offerings from ROM: www.romcorp.com.