September 29, 2016 - PolyBilt Success Story










A major towing company in the New York area made the switch to the PolyBilt Polyprene® Body. They replaced their aluminum body package with a custom fabricated Polyprene® body due the harsh environmental conditions and stress the seasons put on the vehicle. They have been very happy with the durability and toughness that goes into each and every Polybilt Polyprene® body. Recently they were called out to a disabled vehicle that needed a heavy tow package in order to move the stranded vehicle. The tow vehicle got in place and was attempting to reposition the vehicle using the attached crane. This crane however gave way causing the stranded vehicle to come crashing down on the side of the tow truck causing damage to the passenger side of the tow vehicle. Substantial damge was incurred and that vehicle had to be towed by another of their tow vehicles in the area. The damaged tow truck was out of commission and had to be sent back to PolyBilt for repairs. The repairs were made for a fraction of the price that an aluminum body would have cost to replace due to the damage, and the tow truck was back in service in a very short time frame. Had this been the typical aluminum body the cost and turnaround time would have higher and taken longer to service. In this scenario PolyBilt's Polyprene® body proved that it can stand the toughest and harshest conditions, even when another vehicle accidentally falls on it. At PolyBilt we stand behind our products one hundred percent and is why we are proud to say that our Polyprene® bodies are built bull tough. This story is just of many that we have witnessed regarding the durability of our product. If you would like to learn more about how PolyBilt can serve you please contact us at 1-800-864-3817 to speak with a representative. Thank you!