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Heat Resistance

  • Surface deformation begins at 527 ° Fahrenheit (275 ° ) Celsius.
  • Polyprene is welded at 707 ° F (375 ° C) with pressure and at a slow speed of 12" per minute.
  • Pro Poly cleans up the body with a hand blowtorch set at 1200 ° F (649 ° C).
  • We put a blowtorch shop heater set at 1200 ° F (649 ° C) two feet from the body for over 10 minutes and the body showed no sign of deformation what so ever.
  • Truck paint will ignite and tires will melt before a Polyprene body is affected

Examples of Non-Polyprene Material Below

Shown are photos of a fire truck that was caught in a wildland fire in England. Light and mirror fixtures, tires and other ancillary components were damaged. There was no damage to the body other then paint damage..