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Painting Instructions

Surface Preparation


  1. Wash entire area with soap and water.

  2. Use Lacquer & Enamel Cleaner 3939S or Kwik Clean 3949S to remove silicone, tar, wax, polish and grease.

Panel Finishing:

  1. Scuff with 80-240 grit paper.

  2. Final wipe with Plastic Prep 2319S.

  3. Apply (2) two medium wet coats of Adhesion Promoter for Plastics 2322S. Per mfg instructions.

  4. Sand the body with 180 grit paper.

  5. Use Fusor#114 for filling seams and gouges.

  6. Clean with fine line anti-static cleaner.

  7. Apply D820 adhesion promoter.

  8. Prime with DuPont URO Primer-Filler 1140S and DuPont Flexible Additive 2350S as per DuPont specifications(four coats).

  9. Sand as needed.

  10. Clean with Lacquer & Enamel Cleaner 3939S.

  11. Apply 2-3 coats as needed.

  12. Sand as needed.

  13. Clean with Lacquer & Enamel Cleaner 3939S.

  14. Seal with Chroma Premier Sealer 42410S or recommended color as per DuPont code.

Mix Sealer:

  1. 4 parts primer.

  2. 1 part Activator 12305SS.

  3. 1.5 parts Mid Temperature Reducer 42475S.

Chromabase Base Coat Application:

  1. Apply according to DuPont Base Coat application instructions.

Chromaclear Clear Coat Application

  1. Apply according to DuPont Clear Coat application instructions using Chromaclear Multiuse 7500S.