PolyBilt® Bodies Built Bull Tough
for Fire, Rescue and Emergency Response

PolyBilt® is the leading innovator in copolymer bodies built for the fire and rescue industry. Utilizing thermoplastic technology, PolyBilt® bodies resist cracking and fatigue even under constant movement. Backed by a lifetime warranty, PolyBilt’s Polyprene™ construction will not dent, ding, rust or corrode. PolyBilt® bodies can be painted and Polyprene™ welds are impervious to microbial attack. In both standard and customized models, PolyBilt® prioritizes compartmentation, maximized storage, and low center of gravity.
Clever and dedicated PolyBilt® engineers created a patented design for the integration of tank and truck body. The ultimate space saver! Now the envy of the industry, only PolyBilt® produces the highest quality thermoplastic bodies that withstand force from torque and impact, provide maximized storage, and yield superior strength in hot and cold temperatures.
From eye-catching paint finishes to scientific field tests to the tough guy with a sledgehammer, learn more about PolyBilt’s impact-resistant, ultra rugged truck bodies for rescue, wildland fire response, towing and industrial applications.
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