Patented Technology • Impact Resistant • Lifetime Warranty
We build PolyBilt bodies with ultra durable Polyprene™, a specially formulated thermoplastic that provides incredible tensile strength in both high temperatures and low temperatures.

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Wildland Trucks
The perfect response units for wildland emer- gencies and urban interface locations, Wildland Response bodies answer the call. Read More.
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Recent Deliveries
Ultralight Tanker - Haul more water without exceeding weight restrictions. PolyBilt's cutting edge tanker body puts 2500 gallons of water and 25 gallons of foam on a single axle! 
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PolyBilt Bodies for Fire, Rescue and Emergency Response

PolyBilt is the leading innovator in copolymer bodies built for the fire and rescue industry. Utilizing thermoplastic technology, PolyBilt bodies resist cracking and fatigue even under constant movement. Backed by a lifetime warranty, PolyBilt’s Polyprene™ construction will not dent, ding, rust or corrode. PolyBilt bodies can be painted and Polyprene™ welds are impervious to microbial attack. In both standard and customized models, PolyBilt prioritizes compartmentation, maximized storage, and low center of gravity.

Clever and dedicated PolyBilt engineers created a patented design for the integration of tank and truck body. The ultimate space saver! Now the envy of the industry, only PolyBilt produces the highest quality thermoplastic bodies that withstand force from torque and impact, provide maximized storage, and yield superior strength in hot and cold temperatures.

From eye-catching paint finishes to scientific field tests to the tough guy with a sledgehammer, learn more about PolyBilt’s impact-resistant, ultra rugged truck bodies for rescue, wildland fire response, towing and industrial applications. Read More.