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Message From Our Management Team

PolyBilt was established in 2001 in partnership with W.S. Darley Company and is a leading manufacturer of poly truck bodies for the fire service and commercial industries. PolyBilt Bodies are made from Polyprene®, a specially formulated copolymer plastic that won’t rust, crack, or corrode and is lighter than fiberglass and stainless steel in specific applications.

Our friendly experienced staff will make your poly tank purchase easy and pleasant, and our dedication to producing a quality product means that your tank will be built to exacting standards and specifications. Our quality is second to none. In today’s fiercely competitive world, we know the value of customer relationships. That is why every member of our team strives to fulfill the PolyBilt mission to provide unmatched customer service to the fire industry.

Tim Dean
President PolyBilt

Peter Darley
President W.S. Darley Company