Questions About Our Products?

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Polyprene can be painted for an excellent, reliable finish for years to come. Also, a five-year warranty is available from the paint manufacturer. Download painting instructions here.

Yes, PolyBilt was first introduced into the fire market but makes excellent bodies for commercial, military and specialist vehicles.

PolyBilt would have to actually be in the fire to be affected. Other components such as the tires, the paint or the wing mirrors would be affected first.

PolyBilt designs can be 10 to 20% lighter than aluminium designs.

It obviously depends on volume, design, specific requirements etc, but we have found that PolyBilt is usually comparable to conventional designs

We mean as long as the first owner has the vehicle on the run.

If your vehicle is written off or just reaches the end of its useful life then we can remount it on another vehicle for you. If the new vehicle is not identical to the original, the PolyBilt body can be easily modified to suit.

If we remount the body for you then we can check the body and re-warrant it for another “life time”.

When the time comes you can return the body to us and we will arrange for it to be ground up and made into other products. This process can be certified if required.

Yes. US Patent 6394534.

PolyBilt is non-carcinogenic and gives off no fumes or odors of any kind. Therefore you do not need the kind of respiratory equipment used when working with other more dangerous materials.

We are actively looking for distributors around the world and in various markets. Contact Sales at 1-800-864-3817 or our Administrative Offices at 1-800-323-0244 to discuss how we can work together.