July Pro Poly Pointer

Hello and thank you for tuning in to our video series of the Pro Poly Pointer.

I finished a book on Father’s Day about the first modern emperor of Russia, Peter the Great, written by Robert Massie.  It is a fascinating biography of Russian life during late 17th and early 18th century.  The book describes the constant work by Peter to modernize Russia and bring new reforms to his kingdom.  I am glad I read the book.  I gained a new appreciation for Russian society, its people and the historical events in Europe during the reign of this famous king.  The book also gave the reader a glimpse of what life was like for a citizen living in a monarchy.  Even though Peter did try to improve the overall conditions for his subjects, he was a king.  And, if a Russian fell out of favor with the king, then all sorts of bad things could happen to him or her – including unspeakable torture and death. 

It was out of this European model of governance that our country was formed.  The founding fathers of our country knew intimately the potential for abuse of power by a monarch over his citizens.  From these concerns for individual rights of the person, our democratic republic was formed – a covenant between a small group of colonies to band together in self- governance in order to protect basic freedoms, liberties and rights of citizens. 

As we celebrate the creation of this new form of government on our birthday this Independence Day, we are also reminded that we did not get everything right as a country when we first formed those early bonds.  We are wrestling today with many difficult social and political tensions that have lingered in our society from those early periods of our country’s creation.  Appropriate questions are being asked on our national stage of the extent of our commitment to individual freedom, liberty and justice for all people – and not just white protestant men. 

I hope and pray that we utilize the systems and structures we have in place to peacefully make the necessary changes to our society; to unite around a common good and make government more responsive to all people; to ensure freedoms and liberties apply to equally to all citizens. 

That is enough on history and civics!  As for business, we know many of you are on vacation or planning one at the same time as trying to navigate the social challenges of operating during a pandemic.  We know that this planning and worrying can be exhausting so thank you for trusting your tank and body fabrication business to our company.  We hope our processes and attention to detail make it easy for you to do business with us. This makes one less thing you have to worry about. 

If you do not currently use our products, we hope you give us a try.  Let us show you the Pro Poly difference.  From our Pro Lock and Bent Edge design to our Pro One customer service guaranty, Pro Poly has the tools in place to ensure your polymer fabrication is delivered to you on time, with the highest quality and utmost attention to detail.  We look forward to showing why Pro Poly has lead the way in the polymer fabrication industry for almost 3 decades.

So again, thank you for tuning in today.  We are privileged to serve the emergency response market.  We wish you the very best holiday.  See you around the industry!

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